The RISE program is designed to prepare participants for long-term success through education, training and sustainable employment.

During a RISE cycle, opportunities are made readily available to make valuable local networking connections, to advance education, and to refine professional skill sets. All underemployed and unemployed public housing residents are currently eligible to apply for inclusion in the RISE program. Cycles begin every 6-10 months, consisting of 7-10 participants each cohort. Applicants are accepted to participate in each session based on their demonstrated commitment to advancing their professional future, with an emphasis on an attitude open to unlimited success.

The Process:

  • Meet with the RISE program staff to complete an application, and learn more about RISE.
  • Register with the Maryland Workforce Exchange.
  • Attend a Workforce Services orientation.
  • Get assigned a job coach at Workforce Services and complete all required assessments and tests.
  • Agree to drug testing.
  • Get matched with a qualified RISE mentor who will help support you through the program.
  • Attend monthly RISE workshops and spend time working with your mentor.
  • Get placed in an internship or work-study location.
  • Continue to be self-driven toward employment goals once the active part of the RISE cycle is complete.

To Apply:

Contact or call (301) 696-1875 (Ann Ryan) to formally apply and become a part of the RISE program.

To access the application for RISE, click here.