Q: What is RISE?
A: The Rotarian Initiative for Successful Employment (RISE) is a unique partnership in the Frederick community focused on reducing unemployment and underemployment in our public housing communities.  RISE achieves this goal by offering a wide range of connections and support to help each RISE participant move toward economic self-sufficiency.

When the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek joined forces with the Housing Authority of the City of Frederick, a plan to empower residents to reach successful employment was launched.  This plan offered participants a chance to:

  • Build skills to compete in the workforce
  • Engage with a strong mentor to help open doors and receive encouragement
  • Get help with transportation barriers
  • Get help with child care costs
  • Build networks for possible internships and jobs
  • Improve support networks to help celebrate successes

RISE created a package of opportunity that addressed all of the above.

Q: How can my organization/business benefit from the RISE initiative?
A: RISE has funding to pay individuals an hourly wage to work for eligible employers, and handles all payroll administration. Gaining valuable, real-world work experience is a critical first step towards regular employment and self-sufficiency. Your organization will benefit by having pre-screened participants referred to you for consideration for a temporary RISE paid work internship. The RISE funded work internship will fund up to 20 to 30 hours of work per week, at the rate of $8 per hour, for a 4-week duration.

Q: What are my obligations as a RISE internship site?
A: RISE employers are required to provide work internships relevant to the RISE participant’s skill set, and to offer general direction as well as clear expectations on tasks to be completed. RISE participants should be held to the same standards as other employees in your organization, specifically in regards to performance and attendance. Although the goal is long-term employment, employers have no obligation to hire a RISE participant for regular employment.

Q: What is the pre-screening process for RISE participants?
A: RISE participants are selected through a rigorous application process, and they complete training in essential workplace skills. They are assessed for skill sets and aptitudes, and undergo a background check and drug testing. The RISE Executive Committee identifies all RISE participants as motivated and committed to finding and securing steady regular employment.

Q: Can I interview RISE participants for the paid work internship?
A: Yes! The RISE participants have profiles listing their skills, aptitudes, interests, education level, references, and work history that you may review. You select those you wish to interview. As the RISE employer, YOU make the hiring decision.

Q: What support is available to me as a RISE employer?
A: Each RISE participant has a job coach and a mentor.  All internship sites are offered regular support in ensuring that the experience is positive for both intern and employer.

Q: How can I learn more about hiring a RISE participant for a paid work internship?
A: Please contact mentoring@risefrederick.org.

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