Mentors with real-life impact.

RISE mentors serve an integral role in the RISE Program, providing support and guidance to the participants throughout the cycle, sharing their experiences and opening doors to local workplace connections. Becoming a mentor is an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in an individual’s life, yet requires a time commitment of only a few hours each week during the active RISE cycle. Training is provided to prepare mentors for their responsibilities, and our support team is ready assist as needed throughout the program.

Mentor Responsibilities

  1. Coaching: Mentors take an active and supportive role in their mentee’s progress throughout the RISE Program. Mentors:
    • Interact on a weekly basis for 1 to 2 hours (or as needed) with their mentees.
    • Provide encouragement, support, guidance, and advice to mentees.
    • Act as a role model and a resource to their mentees.
    • Attend the monthly skill-building workshops with their mentees as often as possible.
  2. Monitoring: Consistent mentor involvement throughout the RISE Program is essential to success. Mentors are asked to:
    • Stay updated on the progress of the mentee, and provide periodic updates to the RISE case management team accordingly.
    • Communicate with the RISE team to make them aware of any communication gaps or other issues during the active RISE cycle.
    • Where applicable, provide assistance in helping the RISE team identify a suitable internship for the mentee.

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